Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bhagam Bhag

I wish I had run as well – in the opposite direction. I have a headache as does the rest of my family. The story has more holes than the sieves in your kitchen. The jokes are stale. The comedy is slapstick at best. The actors are wasted…I don’t know / cannot fathom why they agreed to be in this film.
The central idea was a good one – a drama company lands in London missing their heroine. The owner announces that whoever will find a suitable heroine will become the hero. However, what follows is ludicrous…insane….the attempt to give a twist at the end is also pathetic and stretches our patience.
I’m now going to struggle to find anything good in this movie. The opening song is nice (Signaal, pyaar ka signaaaaal….). And, let me think….well, no…forget it….the rest is trash.
Govinda seems to be past it – he’s lost some of the spontaneity, he looks old and tired. Other actors who are past their sell-by date but persist in torturing us in the film include Jackie Shroff and Shakti Kapoor. Lara Dutta looks good, as always but is wasted in the film along with Akshay and Paresh Rawal.
There were some people in the hall who were in splits…I feel for them. I ask you to pray for them and for the director. May God give them better taste. On second thoughts, leave the director out of it – he deserves whatever comes his way.

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Anonymous said...

I agree to a certain level that ya the film was not that good, but it was good in patches. I watched the movie just because of 3 reasons, akshay kumar, return of govinda and the song signal. But it really was sad to see a filmmaker like priyadarshan make a movie like this. Seeing his past films like hera pheri and garam masala, this film does not live up to ur expectations. Gud review.