Monday, March 12, 2007


I went in expecting crap…and I got it. Stylised crap, I’ll admit, but crap nonetheless. You should only watch this movie if
a) You like bad direction : the angles, the cuts and even some of the narrative elements are poorly done
b) You like Himesh Reshammiya : There’s about 20 minutes of songs by our man. His sub-nasal crooning, monotonous drone really does get in my head worse than a pneumatic drill. The sad thing is the music is quite nice, lyrics are not that bad but his voice just murders the song overall.
c) You like bad acting : When I was younger I remember I used to watch movies with bad acting because I found the unintentional humour very funny. Not any more. The acting is overall terrible. Aftab Shivdasani was barely ok, I think he may improve if he gets some more movies (instead of babes) under his belt. The rest were all wooden, unnatural and have no hope !
d) You have a thing for Celina Jaitley : she was the worst of the lot (in terms of acting). Her makeup was awful, voice grating / shreiky / cracked, expressions non-existent and I don’t even think ‘they’ are real.
e) You like predictable plots : there are twists but sadly predictable ones. In fact the only reason I kept watching the movie was out of a perverse sense of ‘humour’ as to when the movie characters would ‘get’ the story…
Don’t even think about it ! Thank God the world cup starts tomorrow !

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Karan said...

Ha Ha... That was some review. Well i like celina jaitely but when she doesn't open her mouth....:) So after this review i will definitely not watch the movie....Thanx