Thursday, October 02, 2008


Rating : 2/10
Running Time : 144 Minutes (internationally, unconfirmed 173 minutes in India)
Release Date : 2nd October ‘2008
Director & Writer : Goldie Behl; Music : Dhruv Ghanekar
Starring : Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and Kay Kay Menon

A combination of a terrible film, sleep deprivation, my drivers holiday (Eid) and a couple of beers forced me to walk out of the film within 25 minutes. I had the same kind of foreboding within 5 minutes of the start as I had in Love Story 2050. The story, dialogue, acting, characters were all so terrible, poorly drawn out, stereotypical that I just couldn’t bear to watch this one fully

I walked out just as Kay Kay, who plays the villain, was introduced and hearing his hammy dialogue proved to be the straw that broke this camel’s back. Subsequently, my wife, brother, mother etc watched it fully and assured me I did the right thing. Even the two points are only for the special effects that I didn’t see (copied from a slew of Hollywood adventure films) and for Priyanka Chopra (who’s entrance also I sadly missed).

Apparently Goldie has already decided that he’s going to do a sequel. He may have trouble finding someone to bankroll it this time. Sorry for copping out, but I took instinctive evasive action just as a batsman instinctively dodges a bouncer to the head.


rhythm fadia-maniar said...

i wont tell i told u so ;)

Unknown said...

I am happy now..atleast i sat through KIDNAP...i heard people whispering aftr the movie that they shld have opted for DRONA..anywaz..i eagerly await your comments on kidnap...jst a hint...seen it..heard it..b4...

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Almost same for kidnap :)

I had some expectations from the film, but oct 2 seemed to be reserved for bad films.



Though I haven't watched the movie yet and neither do I intend do. AB's Baby is not made of superhero stuff. Superhero films require intelligence, which has been skillfully implemented in movies like THE DARK KNIGHT and SPIDERMAN series. Indian audience in particular are unpredictable. Just because they like Krish, it doesn't mean they will accept every Tom, Dick and Harry flying over their heads. Secondly, if they like A Wednesday, they write off Mumbai Meri Jaan...a critically acclaimed movie. One thing that surprises me to bits are the kind of money wasted in such aping efforts. Krish was watchable because of Hrithik and the last 30 mins of intensity left us stunned. And if Goldie is planning a sequel, he better shelve that idea and do something short on budgetary skills. Abhishek will never say no to his friend. How about doing a sweet little movie that is based on characters we meet every day? No one has asked them to spend hundreds of crores to entertain us. Just make a good movie that entertains us. That's it!!!

-Puru (

Aslam Pyarajan said...

good that I decided to give it a miss

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your reviews for some time and agree with some and disagreed with some others. 100% agree with this one though - if it hadn't been for the others in my grp, wd've walked out mid way. What was incredible was how as a viewer you never at all got emotionally involved in the story - Bad way to spend a Friday evening. Nikhilesh, RB Slough

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm..The movie is a complete let down I got to know hence skipped now ur walking out says it all.. The screen play was the culprit? The efects are apparenty good. I read the review on times, saw it on zoom they gave it a 1.5 rating if i remember it right. I am glad i did not enter the theatre to watch a sloppy movie like this.. Poor You :) Bee

Unknown said... was very interesting to read your blog...I appreciated your sense of humour as well as pun. I head marketing for an organised movie rental company and would love our members to read your stuff...