Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Rating : 7/10
Release Date : 30th July, 2009
Time : 166 minutes
Director : SS Rajamouli; Writer : Vijayendra Prasad; Music : M M Keeravani
Starring : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Srihari, Dev Gill

Reincarnation and unfulfilled love, with a dash of vengeance thrown in.

Not too many foreign films deal with these topics. Chances Are is a lovely, soft romantic story involving reincarnation. And Sunbird is a lovely book by Wilbur Smith involving all of the above. But I would struggle to find more. Indians, however, seem to revel in it, truly enjoying the rollercoaster ride, getting emotional and letting our feelings get manipulated by the on-screen characters. We loved Karz. Applauded Karan Arjun’s rise from the dead. And adored Om Shanti Om with almost the religious fervour its title provoked. There’s something about this topic that stirs us, makes us shed logic aside and enjoy the spectacle. And I’m no exception.

Magadheera is a classic of this genre. The story involves a near psychotic villain, a father, a friend. And, of course, the lead couple. It involves rebirth and slow remembrance by the re-born characters of their past life. More importantly, it involves a no-expense spared approach with awesome sets, spectacular fight sequences, ‘powerful’ dialogue, lovely clothing, rippling muscles, stylish accessories (masks, tattoo’s, necklaces et all), many song and dance sequences. And a completely implausible ending. But its great fun !

In such films, your connect with the lead pair is crucial…you must like them a lot to want them to be re-born…and this pair doesn’t let you down. This was Ram Charan Teja’s (Chiranjeevi’s real life son) second film. And he seems to have it all. A face that you connect to, warm up to, a persona that you cheer, urge to win. A torso that looks good without being too muscle bound. Dance steps that are good. And good dialogue delivery, action skills for someone doing his first film.

Kajal as the leading lady, holds her playful own. Looking good in western dresses, churidars and dresses that were 400 years old, including a breast armour…She looks intense in her emotional scenes, earns your sympathy when she sheds a few tears, your laughter when she teases and your attention with some of her more curvaceous dresses.

I would’ve shaved at least 20-30 minutes of the film. There is a spectacular fight sequence, kind of like the one in Kill Bill 2 except in a most dissimilar setting – its great but probably goes on just a tad too long. Would’ve just tightened up other parts. Maybe even remove a song or two. And remove some of the excessively ‘implaubible’ parts. I know its funny to say that for a film about re-incarnation but there are limits for everything.

Watch this, for nothing else, then for Daler Mehndi’s Teleugu item number sung with typical Punjabi verve and gusto. The whispers in Andhra about Ram Charan are that he will be ten times what is father was – a tall ask for anyone, let alone his own flesh and blood. I don’t know about the ten times…but this guy is going to be a star for sure.


Ardra Balachandran said...

magadheera is not ram charan tej's debut movie; it is his second.. his debut movie was chirutha that released in 2007..

Apurv Nagpal said...

hi ! thanks for pointing that out - just did a check and have amended my blog. Thanks for pointing it out

Naga Lakshmi said...

I never knew you review telugu movies too!

Naga Lakshmi said...

I never knew you review telugu movies too!