Monday, December 28, 2009

Shoot 'Em Up

Rating : 6/10
Release Date : Sep 2007
Time : 86 minutes
Director & Writer : Michael Davis;
Starring : Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, Paul Giamatti, Stephen McHattie

This one is so over the top that it makes the whole experience enjoyable

A deadpan Clive Owen, sitting at night in a graffiti filled neighbourhood bench, munching a carrot, watches a pregnant woman run past him, chased shortly after by a goon. ‘What you looking at ?’, the goon berates Clive, before chasing the woman down an alley. A bored, slightly weary Clive decides that he cannot be a mere spectator and for the next 90 minutes fights a succession of gun men in bizarre fashion (using carrots a few times) and bizarre locales while protecting the baby and discovering the secret behind it….

To match the eccentricity of our hero, we have a equally crazy villain, the snarling, limerick spouting Paul Giametti. We have the hooker with a heart of gold and a breast for hire, the delectable Monica Bellucci. And we have questions, lots of them and only a few answers…but they’re enough to keep us going.

The writer here is probably a frsutrated Bond writer who had an overdose of a hallucinogenic substance or substances. And its great fun. The one-liners never stop (“eat your vegetables” is Clive’s admonition as he uses a carrot to kill someone). The situations never let up. The goons keep coming. And a deadpan Clive Owen keeps swatting them away.

We get a pretty good list of what Clive hates. People who wrongly park under handicapped signs, for one. It made the decision of which car to steal an easy one. Or people who don’t signal before changing lanes, for another. Which provides a cheap thrill moments later. Or we can go with what he likes. Dogs, for example, refusing to shoot down one that is chasing him. Or mice. He’s constructed an elaborate lock using one for his house.

This one is clearly inspired by Tarantino and Sin City, both in terms of plot development and stylisation. There is non-stop action, guns, a beautiful woman, a snarling villain (who is so sweet and considerate to his wife on the phone). And a hero who wont stop.

I loved the sheer implausibility of it all...makes you smile and enjoy the ride despite the growing body count and gore…

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Hi Apurv,
I am a regular reader of your blog..Your reviews are indeed genuine and to the point..