Friday, August 05, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 4th March, 2011
Time : 106 minutes
Director & Writer : George Nolfi; (based on the short story by Phillip K Dick); Music : Thomas Newman
Starring : Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Harry Mitchell, Anthony Mackie

A delightful, yet far-fetched concept. Imagine a God. Now imagine he has a Bureau which makes sure everything is on track, which maps out who’s doing what, meeting whom, their future & thus the worlds future

Now imagine a person, Matt Damon, from whom great things are expected. A politician running for Senate. And then, due to an error by a bureau staff, he goes off the plan. Starts to fall for someone (Emily) he wasn’t supposed to. And that threatens the great things planned for both of them. The bureau is forced to step in. Reveal themselves to Matt. And now, he has a tough choice to make

His love or his career ? More importantly, the concept of free will or the reality he is faced with of everything being controlled ?

I like Matt Damon, he always seems to act within his skills and comes across as a genuine, likeable person. Emily Blunt is a revelation, looking stunning in her role & bringing a joy to her character that is contagious. Full marks for the concept and some of the conversations Matt has with various people in the Bureau regarding it.

What makes it come down a bit are some glaring loopholes in the way the concept is executed. The error that happens in the Bureau surely could’ve been sorted simply ? What powers do they have exactly ? And there is something about doors, almost akin to Monsters Inc, which is not explained fully.

The movie definitely needs a suspension of disbelief. But to those who enjoy being exposed to new concepts, its worth a watch

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