Saturday, May 17, 2014


Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 9th May, 2014
Time : 121 minutes
Director : Akhilesh Jaiswal; Writers : Akhilesh Jaiswal, Gunjan Saxena; Music : Yo Yo Honey Singh & Others
Starring : Rahul Bagga, Tara Alisha, Akash Dahiya, Istiyak Khan, Vinod Nahardih, Sagar

A sweet portrayal, if something like this was possible, of one of the premier, most prolific writers of Hindi porn in the good old days

Particularly endearing is the author, Rahul, struggling through his bank job, desiring to be a writer, aspiring to write lofty novels and poems…and eventually getting suckered into writing porn by his publishers…

Even his porn, inspired by little things / incidents he observes around him (Baniye Ki Lollipop, for example), is written in fine literary style and does try to combine a story with the more salacious bits. However, he does remain at odds and ends internally, enjoying the material fruits of success, yet yearning to have a bestseller to show to his family…he also comes across as slightly diffident with his own mood swings.

The best parts are when he is observing things around him and converting that to porn…whether it’s a visit to the hospital, or watching his wife (a very cute Tara Alisha) chat with his friend. The efforts at showing off the wealth but still trying to hide what he really does is also good fun. However, the pace of the film is on the slower side and it doesn’t seem to be really leading anywhere, content to just showcase the porn writer’s journey

The moral hypocrisy of our society, as always, is strange to watch – happy in private to consume the sleazy content, whether film or written – but in public taking on the role of the righteous, whiter than white ! I think I connected with the film more than others would, thanks to my own literary journey, but still think it has enough legs to be a one time watch for most !


Sudheer Yadav said...

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Anonymous said...

Given the gravity of the subject, it is in-depth. The psyche and dilemma of a writer torn apart between art and an explorative subject. People have lost naivete', the capacity to wonder about things.. Dear Mr. Writer, you have acquired a capacity to analyse..your distinctive take on modernity, awareness, innocence, philosophy..

Anonymous said...

There's an anthropological schema here- the more we become modern, the more we give importance to abstracrion or virtuality, the more we distance ourselves from the roots of life, from nature, the animal body, from simple and genuine emotions. The more we become complicated, artificial, in a new, more dangerous way. Am not at all against modernization... The desire for pleasure, wellbeing, wealth and commodities is natural and legitimate. The question is whether humanity has taken the right direction to satisfy this desire.. We all live for pleasure, desire for happiness and wellbeing. The problem is that life as it is, the nature of things as they are, do not allow us to be happy because we are fragile, subject to mortality, other people's violence etc... (Too much reasoning..and thus, the impossibility to believe or hope).. The speed at which we're moving and where we're going is unprecedented and it's going to get only weirder... I've read all the jeremiads about how we're losing deep reading.. In the future, i think books will go back to being what they perhaps were before the industrial revolution - luxury objects which you buy because you have a special attachment to them...