Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kingsman : The Secret Service

Rating : 8/10
Release Date : 27th February, 2015
Time : 129 minutes
Director, Writer : Matthew Vaughn; Co-Writer: Jane Goldman, based on the comic “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons; Music : Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
Starring : Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Samuel L Jackson, Sofia Boutella, Michael Caine, Sophie Cookson

“Manners maketh man”

What an unexpected delight !

Over the top. Cliched. An evil villain with a plan for world domination. Men in suits tying to stop them. Great action. And some deadly British humour…

Colin Firth is an agent with the Kingsman secret service, which isn’t linked to any government anywhere in the world. He owes his life to a young agent who gave his own to protect everyone else. Colin now feels responsible for the wife, young orphan (Taron, when he grows up) the agent has left behind. And so, even when the family falls on bad times, the wife has hooked up with an abusive deadbeat and Taron is a vagrant, having left the Marines, Colin steps in to help out.

“Oxfords Not Brogues”

Of course, in the midst of all this, Samuel L Jackson, a billionaire with a lisp, wants to take over the world. Or something like that. Aided by his deadly assistant, Sofia Boutella, a killing machine with razor sharp prosthetic blade-runner legs, they are planning something but no one knows what…

"If you save the world, We can do it in the asshole"

Some stunning action sequences (surprisingly most starring Colin Firth), cool gadgets great locales and a stunning soundtrack makes sure you enjoy the roller-coaster ride – with several thumbs up the noses of its more famous British brethren, James Bond… taking a dig for being too posh, their fancy cuisines etc

“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour”

Its over the top, improbable, but somehow the cast, script, director and the jokes just come together to give you a thrill a minute entertainer. Great supporting roles from Mark Strong, Michael Caine, Sophie Cookson and three outstanding action scenes – a surreal one in a church, a rescue in Argentina that ends in an unexpected manner and one in a pub that shows off the various fancy gadgets – work brilliantly, blending classy humour and slick action like a smooth cocktail…Martini, anyone ?

"I always felt that the old Bond films were as good as the villain. As a child, I rather fancied a futuristic colorful megalomaniac"


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Emily Blunt looks so cool and relaxed in The Five-Year Engagement.. On Romedy Now.. ...