Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Want To Try Your Hand At Writing ?

There is a story in all of us, isn't there ?

Here is your chance to pen something down, and won't take much time too given it's only meant to be less than 120 characters

It has to be our genre, sexy / funny, but otherwise anything goes

And dont forget to use the hashtags #EighteenPlusDuets #JustDuets while giving your entry

To participate, click here


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    How we write is delicately connected to what we write and why...

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Is it true that a man may feel threatened by a woman with higher sexual drive because the idea challenges the traditional gender norms ? Do men feel more secure in their relationships when their partners act stereotypically 'feminine'.

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    It's being said that in future sex robots are going to replace human relationships... But the big question is, what about emotional intimacy ? E.I. really can spark physical intimacy... Technology has no doubt replaced many human activities but will machines surpass humans by becoming better sex partners and lovers ? What activities would one carry out with a cyborg 😵

  4. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Writing isn't just the expression of a thought, but a way of reflecting on the meaning of each word or phrase or line... Writing reveals the personality, I've found that anyone who is loved has more love to give... In order to learn to write one must cultivate serenity and elegance, and serenity comes from the heart. When all superfluous things are discarded...

  5. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Here's wishing all the Babes associated with this bomb of a book, a very very happy daughter's day darlings... pursue your passions and happiness will follow suit...

  6. Anonymous5:22 PM

    There's a French saying, Plus ca change, plus c'est la me^me chose - the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  7. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Marriage teaches a woman to be tough and resilient...

  8. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Do you remember your first foray to the domain of the opposite sex ?

    First outing with a girl to a theatre/film ?

    As a university student were you attracted to the discos on Saturdays ?

    Must have happy memories of the bucolic atmosphere, sharing jars with friends at the bar...

  9. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Suprabhat Saheb, aapka din mangal-may ho 🙏