Monday, December 03, 2018

Mini Movie Review of Le Jeu (Nothing To Hide)

Just how well do you really know your best friends, the one's you've known since third grade. Or your own spouse?

A group of middle-aged friends, who've known each other from school, and their spouses, meet for dinner during a lunar eclipse, and decide to play a game.

All mobile phones are placed in the centre, and every call or text is shared with the group and answered or read collectively. That is, no secrets.

That's the fascinating premise of this Netflix French movie, a remake of an Italian film (Perfetti Sconosciuti).

And boy, does it make you think. The twists and turns come thick and fast, catching you by surprise more than once. It's surprising how much can be revealed just through calls and texts in one night but the movie never feels contrived, thanks to the excellent execution (the camera never lets you feel the entire movie is set in one flat) and brilliant performances (Berenice and Stephane were the best, for me).

Ritu's rating is 8/10, mine is 9/10

Available only on Netflix, be ready for something different !

Nothing to Hide