Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tara RumPum

It’s a clich├ęd movie with several good moments.

It’s about RV – short for Raj Vir Singh (played by Saif), a NASCAR racing driver in the USA, who after winning 50 races on the trot, suffers an accident and then cannot stop losing. He’s married to Radhika (Rani Mukherjee), with two ultra sweet kids Champ and Princess. Money dries up, there are several problems – school fees to be paid, they lose their perfect upstate New York house, no money for food, no jobs etc. Will RV be able to race again ? Will the good times return to this once picture perfect family ? What do you think ? C’mon, take a guess…you may even be right…

There are several parallel stories – RV is a live for today / who cares about tomorrow kind of guy – buys everything on instalments, blows money on nice cars / fancy rings etc. Radhika, even though she is the daughter of a very successful businessman, is stingy (maybe ‘value-obsessed’ would be more politically correct ?), the planning type of person – for ex: was planning to be a pianist since she was ten. Also, the father (the rich businessman) strictly disapproves of RV – he has no degree, has the wrong attitude, cannot plan for the future etc. Who do you think is right ? Which way of life is better ?

There are some other niggles I had but the main one was that the kids (Champ & Princess, aged about 4 and 8 approximately) are completely from another planet – they are too saccharine / too understanding / too doll-like, so nice that you feel like shaking them up. Both have that ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ type halting way of speaking with the exaggerated gestures and it’s just too fake !

The good moments

  • Jaaved Jaafri (he’s changed his spelling) was very good at least initially, with several very good one-liners as a Gujju taxi-driver / team manager.
  • A couple of the car races were real adrenalin pumping, high-voltage sequences.
  • They touched on several valid issues – the importance of having a degree / planning for the future / ensuring you have things like insurance (especially medical) / not over-extending yourself on credit cards & loans, even though it was in passing.

Saif does what he does best, playing a lovable ruffian as only he can, the man with several flaws but with a heart of gold. Rani turns in a good performance but the mini-skirts in the initial bits really did not suit her. Also, her character was not developed properly, I mean what was she doing when her hubby was racing / winning all those years – where were her planning / her saving instincts ? Why wasn’t she completing her piano degree, paying off the bills, forcing Saif to also save something / invest in insurance etc ? The music was a disappointment as well – nothing that hummable and nothing that will survive a couple of months. There are too many other logical flaws but I cannot give those away without disclosing the whole movie / story (what I’ve given away above may seem like too much but you would get as much by even watching the trailer).

It’s a movie which I think couldn’t make its mind up – it should have either tried to be an out and out action-filled thriller a la Dhoom2 / Don or a family drama about the clash of life-styles between Saif / Rani a la Hum Tum. It tries to be both and so doesn’t succeed in either.

One last point – in the final race, the whole Saif team is sporting the Indian tri-colour in their uniform ? Are they allowed to do that ? They also kissed each other in the movie - now surely thats not allowed as well ? Shouldn’t we be burning some effigies here ? Whats the world coming to if people can display their patriotism for India / their affections for each other so openly ?

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Unknown said...

watch this in marble arch yesterday - 100% agree with your assessment...first 20 minutes i thought the movie would be a disaster of the Kushi-ilk but it got better and some of the moments were actually well acted and touching...I am starting to change my opinion of Saif

And yes Rani in a miniskirt was really not something to watch after a meal...made her a look a lot older than her years