Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 (At World's End)

I think they’ve lost sight of what really made the first one successful. In the original one, there were a few, extremely endearing characters, a simple but gripping storyline and some brilliant one-liners.

This has now been replaced by a very complicated yet predictable story, a plethora of characters, none of whom are developed, and an almost obsessive focus on special effects – they fly in thick and fast, and for me, they become boring after a while. Oh ! and they forgot the one-liners. Even Jack Sparrow becomes boring, they dress up Keira Knightley in weird costumes and Orlando Bloom – well, you can't figure out whether he is a good good guy or a bad good guy.

I know i'm likely to be in a minority but I never saw part2 and I wish I hadn’t seen part 3.

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moksh juneja said...


I acompletely agree woth you... i was also dissappointed after watching the movie