Sunday, July 29, 2007


I’m sure there are those who feel this was a good movie – great time-pass – but I felt it was terrible. Partly because of its over-reliance on slapstick and on actors (Salman & Govinda) who are incapable of anything else (imagine someone like Akshay Kumar in either of the main roles and you may understand what I mean). And more because, with a little more thought and care, it could have been fantastic.

The characters are shallow, uni-dimensional and flawed. The plot stretches our imagination, credibility and patience and is full of unnecessary characters (like chotta don, or Lara Dutta’s son or Puneet Issar’s character or even Katrina’s father). These guys needn’t have been there – the movie would have been simpler, more focused without them.

Govinda is no longer the same – there are splashes of humour, but its drowned in too many forced moments. The spontaneity from his ‘Ankhein’ days is sadly missing and his face / body reflects his passing years. Salman is his usual self – great if you’re a fan, terrible if you’re not - again not losing any opportunity to showcase his pectorals. Katrina and Lara Dutta actually don’t do that badly – both look good, act well but are constrained by their weak characters.

If you’ve seen Hitch (good film despite its filmi ending), you’ll weep through the movie as I did, wondering what could have been…


Unknown said...

I don't know how many times we may have agreed on the same movie but here's one (more?) occasion. I saw this movie Friday night without my "partner" mainly because I twisted his arm into watching my friend's kids along with ours so some six moms could have a "girls night out". HA! I would have preferred a night in!

They say endurance pays, but in this case the adage was sadly lacking... I sat through the movie itching to get up and walk out but for the fact that a night out without kids was too precious to ruin no matter who (Salman Khan)I had to endure in the process. I can easily forgive Govinda for his ridiculous over-acting but I cannot forgive SK for expecting women to drool when he does ludicrous things like put sunscreen on before wearing a wetsuit or wear a leapord print lungi.

You're absolutely right about the presence of unnecessary characters, but I strongly disagree that this movie could have been tweaked into something worth watching.

Wish the customer satisfaction maxim in the US for "money back if not satisfied with product" applied to movies.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should give reviews of comedy movies....specially those directed by David Dhavan...cause it is nt meant fr critics....just plain commercial movies and the main funda fr these movis r to keep your brains at your house before you go and watch them. And ya i have also seen hitch and i didn't weep!!!!!!


moksh juneja said...

A completely agree with the your thought about this movie.. I voice more or less the same views on my blog - . With a twist that - please go for this movie for pure entertainment and not for analyzing lighting, the camera angles or any form of technicalities. This movie with its nonsense is a complete stress-buster.

Anonymous said...

Apurv & supriya, guys you are so right - this movie was total time waste and you could feel that within first 15 minutes.. Also some people just love this movie, some just hate it. checkout the diversity of reviews here -
- 3 have give 4/5 , 3 have give 1/5 !! what a skewed range !

Unknown said...

Best Hindi movie this year!
4/5 stars.

Three catchy songs that I can't stop humming and sound amazing on full screen (just Soni De Nakhre was worth my £8.90)

Govinda is one of the most intelligent actors of this generation...and hugely under-rated. My all-time favourite Indian actor.

The only downside of the movie is it featured Katrina and Lara Dutta two randis whom I seriously dislike...Katrina is not Indian and does not speak the national language and should not be allowed to work in India and take away a job from a newcomer...but Katrina's role was limited so it was OK...

Had Priyanka Chopra+one tight/fresh newcomer replaced both these hags this movie would have been 5/5 stars

And after Salman humped and dumped Aishwarya (and now Katrina) he is my idol...true poonani king and worthy of his Love Guru status.

Of course this movie is not for "Cheeni-Kum type intellectuals" on this forum.

Prashant Misra said...

I, hereby, certify and confirm that I don't know Arun and have never known him. :)

Are you serious about things like Govinda is your "all-time favourite Indian actor" and this is the "Best Hindi movie this year!
4/5 stars"?

Anonymous said...

What a non-movie this was. What a waste of producer's money and mine ?

Vikas said...

it was under the most desperate circumstances that i saw a movie starring salman khan in it.
i had two hours to kill before i met a few friends and boy did i "kill" it..
after watching it though one question remained unanswered to me.. and i hope u can answer this for me apurv..

am sure these accomplished actors had seen "hitch" before doing this.. and yet they go through with it.. question is .. at the end of the day do u think they sit back put their legs on the table and say "yeah.. we sure did rip a billion people off " ? or do they actually feel they have achieved something ?
ok actors aside what about the reputations of the directors and producers ?

katrina kaif only SMILED through the entire movie !! i cant get over that !

mr.govinda needs to now concentrate on politics.. quite while u still have ur dignity i guess ?

and as per my favorite actor salman khan is concerned ... i lost count how many times he got his t's off ! brilliant acting aint it ? so real and life like ?? its a pity they didnt copy will smith on that one !