Monday, August 27, 2007


How do they do it ? How do the guys at Pixar keep coming up with concepts like this, creating endearing stories where you could swear none exist ? I mean this is about a rat which can cook and quite amazingly becomes the inspiration behind a famous French restaurant. Yet we cheer the rat all the way through, we root for the restaurant itself (which is being ruined by an ‘evil’ chef) and we feel for the other characters in the kitchen. And this is accompanied as usual by the most beautiful animation / special effects.
On the con side, there are no rolling-on-the-floor-laughing moments, its not a classic which will bear repeated viewings (or in the case of my kids several, multiple repeated viewings) like Jungle Book / Finding Nemo etc.

However, it’s a great day out for all those who are young at heart…


StarVoiceOfIndiaShow said...

Yep, it's amazing how they keep coming up with amazing concepts and even better execution for those concepts. I watched it in NJ and the audience gave standing ovation once the movie was over.

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Rohit Deep said...

Hmm... Not one of the best stories from Pixar. The thing I liked about the movie was the technology. The animation was amazing. Every release they get better and better.

The story was kind of lame, had a hard time being awake. My kid loved it, though now I have to explain to her how a 6 yr can't really cook me dinner (Anybody can cook theory goes only so far)

moksh juneja said...

Loved this movie... with the animation being so real as well as the dialogues and better still of having kitchen described to us that was like an eye opener!!