Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Two Three

Rating : 3/10
Running Time : 137 Minutes
Release Date : 28th Mar ‘08
Director & Writer : Ashwini Dheer ; Music : Raghav Sachar
Starring : Suneil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Tushar Kapoor, Isha Deol, Sameera Reddy

An interesting premise, unnecessarily dumbed down and converted into brainless slapstick in the vain hope of being a ‘mass comedy’.

Three people, all named Lakshmi Narayan, check into the same hotel and receive instructions on what they have to do next. Suneil Shetty, an employee of a car dealer, has to buy a car. Paresh Rawal, a retailer of ladies undergarments, has to see some new designs. And Tushar Kapoor has to kill someone. The three instructions get predictably mixed up and mayhem happens. The director / producer / writer could have now chosen 2 routes
• making a comedy (like Khosla ka Ghosla) which all could have enjoyed
• making a timepass movie by making everything slapstick (like Dhamaal), with generous dollops of crude, sexist humour and brainless fun.

To be fair to them, seeing the commercial success of Golmaal, Welcome and Dhamaal, you can’t argue with the financial part of their reasoning. Suneil, Paresh and Sameera were as good as they could be. The rest were one cacophonic blur…

My kids loved it, there were a lot of people laughing in the audience but I was only weeping at the loss of 1600 bucks and the wasted time…a lot of my family members also felt I was being over-generous with a 3 rating. Guess it takes all sorts to make a world.


Anonymous said...

Suprising that the movie doesn't have the wit of the teleserial office office by the same Director!The immature gags fail to rise to the basic requirement of the comic situations in the movie for the simple reason that the jokes in the movie are outdated!!! Thanks, Bee

Karan said...

Horrible movie.....U know bhaiya how much i love watching comedy...but this one was so cheap!!!! I was expecting a khosla ka ghosla and it turned out to be one of the real bad movies i have seen.....The papa act was good though...that was the only thing that made me laugh and the biggest mistake that i made was to watch the movie with my parents...It was really embrassing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.