Saturday, October 04, 2008


Rating : 3/10
Running Time : 88 Minutes
Release Date : April ‘2004
Director : Chi-Leung Law; Writer : Susan Chan
Starring : Kar Yan Lam, Angelica Lee, Andy Hui Chi-on, Raymond Wong

An extremely unusual film, quite macabre and gruesome at times but keeps you hooked – the type where you keep watching, despite being repulsed a bit, wondering whats happening next. A bit in the 'Old Boy' (Hindi remake 'Zinda') genre.

It involves a girl, her boyfriend, a suspected kidney thief and some other characters. It follows the relationship of the three central characters and shows them wildly fluctuate from extreme enmity and intimidation to extreme ‘yeh dosti hum nahin todenge’ type friendship. Several twists follow, not all plausible. And then it ends in a psychotic blaze.

I’m not such a keen fan of ‘psycho’ type films – never been able to really understand the characters or warm towards them. The film is interesting only to a degree and the predictable ending ensures that this is not really one for the DVD collection.

Thanks to UTV World Movies for sending me the DVD

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Anonymous said...

Hey the review and the rating says a no no.. wonder if ppl ever enjoy psycho kind of movies.. ANyways. Thanks, Bee