Monday, March 16, 2009

Dil Kabaddi

Rating : 5/10
Release Date : 5th Dec ‘08
Time : 130 minutes
Director & Co-writer : Anil Senior; Writer : Vivek Anand, Leslie George Sparkx; Music : Sachin Gupta
Starring : Irrfan Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Rahul Bose, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Khanna, Payal Rohtagi, Saba

Men will be men and will chase anything in skirts is kind of the premise of the film. Watch this just to see some very good characterizations by the lead foursome, to see the sparks fly as they interact with each other and to see an above average first half. In the second half, things sort of taper off, drag a bit (just a bit) and the ending while not entirely predictable, is a bit unsatisfying.

The film is about two couples – Rahul / Konkona and Irrfan / Soha and their various ups and downs and ‘outside’ dalliances. The conversation is funny yet realistic, most couple’s will see glimpses of themselves at some point in time or the other and the four of them enact their roles very well and even a cameo of Konkona’s ex-boyfriend deserves kudo’s. Rahul Khanna, in a small part, also does justice. For me the show stealer was Soha, in a role which required her to be all fire and brimstone vs the cute girl roles she normally does.

The film is replete with images like Irrfan wearing a pink santa hat, a silver eye mask and a sports bra (all at one time), or Rahul Bose getting his bare ass whipped by his sex crazed girlfriend or even the whole conversation when Konkona decides they will have sex tonight and requests Rahul to shower or the phone conversation that Soha is having with Irrfan while she’s on a date. Its good fun, makes you smile and surely, in these recessionary times, that’s worth the price of a DVD…


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched Woody Allen's 'Husbands and Wives', from which this film is lifted almost scene by scene, will not be able to sit through the ordeal of watching Rahul Bose essay Allen's role. 5/10 for this one? You must be joking! Not a decimal point more than 3.

Unknown said...

Hi Apurv,

You seemed very good at this review...i have also started my blog for the same purpose...Just have a look at some of my reviews and get back to me..