Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sivaji, The Boss

Rating : 6/10
Release Date : June ‘07
Time : 185 minutes
Director & Writer : S Shanker; Music : A R Rahman
Starring : Rajnikanth, Shriya Saran, Vivek, Suman

This is a Rajnikanth masala movie through and through. If this genre appeals, go for it as you wont get any better and may not get too many more. Else, please avoid at all costs.

The premise, though hardly relevant, is that of an NRI who returns and wants to do good, open up universities and hospitals which will be world class but free. But obviously doesn’t find it easy in terms of getting permissions, has to grease a few palms and then some more. Has to deal with politicians who are only interested in their percentage. And also runs foul of a person who is a power broker and runs colleges / hospitals and fears his business will run aground if Sivaji succeeds in his mission. All these forces combine to reduce Sivaji to a pauper and put him behind bars.

Sivaji then decides no-more Mr Nice Guy and from then on nothing can stop our hero. He comes up with an interesting way to liberate black money and then uses that to fund his venture and ensure every village and township of Tamil Nadu prospers. In all this, he also finds the time to woo (hilarious courtship) the delectable Shriya Saran and sing many a song in fancy locales (the Guggenheim at Bilbao among them) and elaborate sets. He also does his trademark moves with chewing gums and coins, changes more dresses than Imelda Marcos and has several disguises designed to fool cops and others but never the audience.

Like I said, its great if you like this kind of stuff. I don’t think over-the-top agrees with me anymore. And this one is so blatantly over the top, that even James Bond, Superman and others of their ilk will shudder to go there.

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