Monday, August 17, 2009

Ocean's Twelve

Rating : 5/10
Release Date : December, ‘04
Time : 125 minutes
Director : Steven Soderbergh; Writer : George Nolfi
Starring : Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon, Vincent Cassel

Nice. More convoluted than the path-breaking Ocean’s Eleven. More style. Less substance. And more unanswered questions.

Mr Benedict has found out who stole his millions. He finds each one of the eleven and wants it back, with interest, even though insurance made good his loss. And they have two weeks. The gang decides to go for Europe, where they encounter an old flame of Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta Jones, who works for the Interpol. They also have to pit their wits against Vincent Cassel, who plays a French aristocrat cum daredevil robber, who for some strange reason has it in for them…

As the end is a foregone conclusion, again its about do we have fun watching it ? The answer is yes – in parts. The dialogue is a little jaded vs the first one, I think they try to be a little too cute here – too many things unsaid (there’s this whole bit between George and Brad where they never complete their sentences, understanding where the other is going before he says it). For me, the crucial differentiator though was the singularity of purpose and simplicity of plot, which characterised the first one, and gave a perfect arena for the wonderfully talented ensemble cast to display their skills, is completely missing in this one – till the first half, you’re in fact wondering where the movie is heading.

On the pro side, though, you have Catherine join the fun, looking really svelte and lovely. You have more gorgeous locations – Rome, Amsterdam, Portugal, Lago De Como (I think Bond used the same villa as a location for Casino Royale…).

Kind of fun while you watch it, but not one that will bear repeat viewing, unlike the first one….

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