Sunday, September 06, 2009

Aagey Se Right

Rating : 4/10
Release Date : 4th Sep, 2009
Time : ~ 120 minutes
Director & Writer : Indrajit Nattoji; Music : Amartya, Ram Sampat
Starring : Shreyas Talpade, Kay Kay Menon, Mahie Gill, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Shiv Pandit, Shruti Seth, Vijay Maurya

This is a film I would’ve ‘bought’ as a one-line synopsis – a cop who loses his gun and then tries to trace it as the gun becomes embroiled in all sort of situations. But I would’ve sold immediately, even at a loss, on seeing the final product…a silly, jerky film that wastes the premise and the considerable talent at its disposal

You get a wimpy, mother-pecked cop (Shreyas Talpade) who runs around like a headless chicken. A chaste Urdu spouting jehadi (Kay Kay Menon) who, after watching one song & dance, becomes a tapori shaayar who renounces violence and his beard. A highly irritating Shiv Pandit who is in love with an equally irritating Shruti Seth, who in turn is an extremely irritating police commissioner’s (Rakesh Bedi’s) daughter. You get a slightly over the top Mahie Gill as a sensationalist TV reporter who is in cahoots with a TV friendly cop.

The silver lining and the only thing responsible for the 4 rating are Vijay Maurya's turn as the south Indian accented tapori. Quite funny once you get used to the accent, especially when he turns to his stationary bodyguard as someone he was interrogating runs away “Mr Wilson”, “Yes sir”, Waiting for Christmas ?”…
Also, special mention of the song, picturised on Shehnaz, the one which converts Kay Kay – More Piya - its actually very nice, very hummable, a kind of jazz-ish number. And of the funny notices which seem to crop up everywhere – lists of do’s and don’ts, road signs, notices in offices etc

Shreyas Talpade and Kay Kay continue their downward spiral in chase of the quick bucks. The rest is one mangled blur…

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