Friday, November 06, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani

Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 6th Nov, 2009
Time : 165 minutes
Director & Writer : Rajkumar Santoshi; Music : Pritam
Starring : Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Darshan Jariwala, Zakir Hussain, Govind Namdeo


Its silly, its implausible, it starts off quite badly and suffers from some clich├ęd slapstick. But all this is overcome by some great, really funny laugh out loud moments and an excellent performance (slightly over the top) by Ranbir, who almost single-handedly carries the film on his shoulders.

Prem (Ranbir) is good for nothing but is happy being the President of ‘Happy Club’ where he chills in the company of four of his friends. His Dad wants him to do something useful but his mother pampers him as only Indian screen and real-life mom’s can their sons. In Prem’s existence steps in Jennifer or Jenny, an adopted daughter who is constantly reminded of her status by her cruel step-mom. They both become friends. Prem helps Jenny a lot. But Jenny is being forcibly married to someone else and later, tells Prem a secret that makes him fall off a balcony. And Prem continues helping her, battling cruel dons (Zakir Husain), opportunistic Hindutva spouting politicians, Jenny’s parents and assorted other troubles that afflict her.

Some of the hilarious, unmissable moments.
• Salman’s guest appearance, especially the repartee about who’s girlfriend is
• The whole sequence where Katrina invites Ranbir for a dance party. Its funny for two reasons, Ranbir keeps dancing non-stop (trying to impress her with his dancing) even when there is no music playing, really crazy steps, a mix of John Travolta / Elvis on speed. And how he keeps rebuffing Katrina’s suitor, the parental choice one.
• There is a brief shouting match between the Dad’s, egged on by the mom’s
• The way Ranbir’s mom delays his Dad from going for a bath leading to the fashionable top Ranbir then has to wear
• The part where Ranbir takes a job to impress Katrina, his dress, demeanour and how he works / changes dress etc is wonderfully picturised…
• The sensational ringtone of the politicians secretary
• The special appearance by Jesus (I’m waiting for the Christian Society to protest though)

In a way the above moments are what truly make the film, the rest is ordinary / ok.

This really is Ranbir’s film, after the forgettable opening sequence he shines and is almost perfect. Anyone else would’ve faltered in this role but he gets it spot on. Katrina flutters her eyelashes a hundred times and does it decently. The supporting cast does their bit with great gusto. There is a harum scarum ending, complete slapstick, some funny moments there too. But it’s a bit too long. Upen, in his brief role, was very forgettable, especially the voice. Songs were ordinary, nothing that sears itself on your mind.

Zany, crazy, fun, slapstick. Be prepared to relax and enjoy it. Like I said before, goofy…


Matheus Zardo!!! said...

who is that man and girl

pia said...

I was expecting a lot from this movie, maybe a new-age kind of love story. But all i caught myself doing was pressing the fast fwd button. It was pretty bad..I give it a 4/10..