Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Rating : 3/10
Release Date : July 2009
Time : 106 minutes
Director & Writer : Peter Hyams (based on 1956 screenplay by Douglas Morrow)
Starring : Jesse Metcalfe, Michael Douglas, Amber Tamblyn, Joel Moore, Orlando Jones, Lawrence P Beron

Which 5 year old wrote the script for this one ? Ludicrous, with more holes than my oldest underwear.

An investigative journalist (Jesse) suspects a DA (Michael Douglas) who’s running for governor to be too smooth, winning just too many cases via DNA proof to be just lucky or good, and so decides to expose him. Now, and this is the crucial part as the silliness starts now and just doesn’t stop, he figures that the only way…that’s right, the only way he can expose the DA is to incriminate himself in a murder, plant circumstantial evidence leading to himself and then, when the DA will conjure up the DNA evidence, expose him to be a fraud.
A friend & colleague on his TV channel (Joel Moore) is his willing accomplice in the madness and then we’re off. There is the obligatory love angle (Amber Tamblyn), there is a predictable twist and then, equally predictably, the predictable ending.

I’ve enjoyed watching Michael Douglas ever since Romancing the Stone, so I guess I wasn’t as hard on the movie as I should’ve been. And Amber is quite easy on the eye…but those, unfortunately, are about the only reasons to watch this one.

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