Thursday, February 25, 2010


Rating : 5/10
Release Date : Dec, 2008
Time : 120 minutes
Director: Shivam Nair; Writer : Uttam Gada (based on Gujarati play of the same name by Pasresh Rawal); Music : Shibani Kashyap
Starring : Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia, Naseeruddin Shah, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Tara Sharma

The fatal flaw in this film is that we dont like, identify or understand any of the characters. Else it has an interesting plot, middling to good dialogue, a decent dash of humour, a stellar cast and enough twists and turns to keep us interested till the end.

A smalltime conman (Paresh Rawal) is befriended by a rich ex-film producer (Naseeruddin Shah) in gratitude for saving his life. He is given a job as a driver and room to stay in the outhouse. All this despite severe opposition to this by the producers lovely, desirable, young wife (Neha Dhupia). And healthy scepticism by the trusted lawyer friend (Boman Irani). Naseer is no longer rich now but has a huge insurance policy on himself. 24 crores. Enough to make anyone dishonest… death, deceit and intrigue follow very quickly….

Somehow, it didn’t fit all together all that well. No glaring loopholes in the plot but still didn’t make complete sense when it ends, seems too pat…the combined acting talents of the excellent cast help keep you engrossed. But it seems to lack magic or spark or zest. Something to make the movie come alive.

This one disappeared with hardly a trace. Deserved a bit better, probably, but only just…

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