Thursday, October 07, 2010

Do Dooni Chaar

Rating : 7/10
Release Date : 8th October, 2010
Time : ~100 minutes
Director, Co-writer : Habib Faisal; Co-writer: Rahil Qazi; Music : Meet Bros
Starring : Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh Kapoor, Archit Krishna, Aditi Vasudev

A lovely, humorous story which reminds us of the travails of middle class existence in Delhi. Excellent performances, nice dialogue complement the story and further charm is added by the novelty of seeing Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh back together again.

The Duggal family, living in a typical middle class neighbourhood of Delhi, comprises Rishi Kapoor (a maths teacher for ever 20 years, who’s desperately trying to make ends meet by also taking coaching classes), his wife Neetu Kapoor (upbeat housewife, who was forbidden to work by husband when they got married and still gently keeps reminding him about it), their daughter Aditi (v feisty, no-nonsense, college going girl with an attitude) and son Archit (quiet but dreams big, wants to buy an IPL team).

Chaos is thrown into their lives when Rishi’s sister invites them for a family wedding at her in-laws place. And insists that they all come in a car (not in their scooter, popularly named Duggal Express) as otherwise she has to listen to insults from her in- laws. Neetu commits that they will indeed arrive in a car, much to Rishi’s consternation. This unleashes a chain of events which includes car theft, borrowing, angry neighbours, a vow from Rishi Kapoor that he will definitely buy a car within fifteen days, bribery, a corrupt cop, a pawn shop, a betting scandal, a sting operation, a cash for marks offer and a lifetime supply of detergent. Sounds interesting ? It is…

What makes the film very interesting are the characters, each of whom is painted vividly and their relationship with each other. I loved the way Rishi counsels his son when there is trouble. And his attitude as a teacher (wish there were more like him). I loved the way Neetu takes charge when she senses things are amiss. I enjoyed watching Payal become protective of her father and joining him on a mission when she suspected he may not be able to cope. I enjoyed the fact that there were no stereotypes, ie no submissive wife, dominating husband, cardboard kids. Everyone just seemed normal, and faced issues which are normal. But it’s a tale told well and told humorously…

There is a message too. Again, told without being preachy, and told convincingly. This story seemed to take me back to my roots, the times when money was scarce, when luxury items had to be carefully thought through before being purchased, when you had to think before ordering aaloo (Rs 10) vs paneer (Rs 45). When life was simpler and in quite another way, a tad more fun ! When more than what was in your wallet, it was hope that sustained you….


Anonymous said...

What's ur say on jhoota hi sahi ??

Anonymous said...

I was following your blog till date which begins with a note saying that it’s your personal views and nothing to do with your employers. I am still awaiting reviews of
1. Jhootha Hi Sahi
2. Rakth Charitra

So what if they come from Madhu Mantena’s stable, I guess you still should give a review. It’s easy to judge others film. Come on……

Apurv Nagpal said...

Dear Anon, my not reviewing has nothing to do with my employers but is a personal choice driven by how honest & unbiased I can be. Jhootha Hi Sahi I'v been watching since Feb, have seen 15-20 times, diff edits & have heard the music countless times. So am unable to be objective or put myself in a 1st time viewers shoes. And I was v busy with Jhs launch I was unable to watch RC, Aakrosh or KO. It has nothing to do with Madhu.

Gaurrav Dhar said...

Good enough.....point taken :)