Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tron : The Legacy

Rating : 4/10
Release Date : 17th December, 2010 (India)
Time : 125 minutes
Director : Joseph Kosinski; Writer : Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz; Music : Daft Punk
Starring : Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Sheen

I didn’t understand the story at all, the rules, the constraints went truly over my head yet I enjoyed the film for its styling, its cool look and Jeff Bridges performance.

Not having watched Tron, the first part, all I could gauge was that it was about Jeff Bridges inventing a game, disappearing completely and then his grown up son, Garrett, one day discovering an alternate reality world created by his father

There are clones, other beings called ISO's, identity discs which can be used as weapons and have boomerang properties, a mysterious portal that opens or shuts at fixed intervals (don’t really understand why) and some games played to death gladiatorial style. Didn’t really get any of this

However, the entire styling, with people dressed in neon outlines, the batons which transform into neon-outlined bikes, cars or flying machines, the arena where the contests happen, all of this is really eye-catching. And the places, the rooms, the clothing is very very cool. The white minimalist look of Jeff Bridges room, the outfits worn, the cool discotheque were all done with panache, with a definite styling palette in mind.

Jeff Bridges was the only assured performer – he has always managed to fit into different roles with ease and this one is no exception. Whether it’s the young cloned avatar or the ageing patriarch, he is good to watch. Garrett and all others seemed very unsure of themselves, not very convincing.

All in all, as I exited the hall, I did it in a confused state mind but with definite praise for its coolness quotient. Think of it as food which it isn’t very tasty but beautifully presented…

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