Friday, August 03, 2012

Jism 2

Rating : 3/10
Release Date : 3rd August, 2012
Time : 132 minutes
Director : Pooja Bhatt; Writer : Mahesh Bhatt; Music : Arko Mukherjee
Starring : Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh

I found the following things funny about the film

•Sunny Leone’s constantly heaving bosom through the entire film. Its just the speed which varies and at its peak (pun intended), it clocks in a shade faster time than the Titanic.
•The afore-mentioned bosom manages to convey more emotion than Arunoday in the entire film
•One song begins with such sustained yowling that even Sunny Leone develops a painful look that is reasonably convincing.
•When the intelligence agency chief, Arif Zakaria, better known as The Wig Who Walks, meets Sunny for the first time, he asks her to ‘come’ twice within the first couple of minutes

•The reliance on old school acting. Bite lips, heave bosom, yell, smash things, look constipated to demonstrate pain, anguish.
•In a major score for consistency, the same constipated feeling was conveyed through the selection of the lead vocalists as well.
•The predictability of the end which was only overshadowed by its sheer dumbness

This is a great unintentional comedy to watch in a group, a kind of a soft porn film, masquerading as a full feature. If you can ignore the lack of a story, acting skills, plausible characters and tuneful music, you may even have fun viewing this.
She is hired by an intelligence officer, Arunoday, (who sleeps with her first, kind of like a ‘test the goods’ sort of thing), for a dangerous mission. To get close to her ex-lover, Randeep Hooda, a renegade officer and currently freelance assassin, and to get some data from him. From the first frame onwards, nothing any of the characters does makes any sense. The only things worth admiring are Sunny’s constantly revealed assets, the locations and the tasteful interiors of the various homes chosen.
Sunny, obviously not hired for her acting chops, prefers to ignore dictums like ‘vastra aurat ka gehna hote hain’ and appears to be in greater load shedding mode than the much maligned Northern power grid. Arunoday is in sleepwalk mode throughout and Randeep is wasted in his vacuous shayari spouting role. The pace of the movie is tortuously slow so plenty of coffee or large glasses of cola are highly recommended to help stay awake.
As I look at the original film poster again, its clear that some things are better off under wraps. The film is 132 minutes long. With a little skillful editing, could’ve shaved off about a 100 odd minutes…

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