Friday, December 21, 2012

Dabangg 2

Rating : 5/10
Release Date : 21st December, 2012
Time : 129 minutes
Director : Arbaaz Khan; Writer : Dileep Shukla; Music: Sajid-Wajid
Starring : Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prakash Raj, Vinod Khanna, Arbaaz Khan, Deepak Dobriyal, Manoj Pahwa

A clearly defined hero. Salman Khan. In new territory. Kanpur. One clearly defined baddie. Prakash Raj. Hooligan cum politician. The inevitable conflict and confrontation. Several irritating songs. Very little plot wise. Some decent dialogue. Decent action. Good humour, in parts. And a film that meanders and takes its own sweet time to arrive at the only conclusion possible.

I’ll give it this much though. Its not one of the mindless films going on, with no head or tail, just silly, crass gags. The hindi dialogue for the most part is good. In parts, very good. The jokes do not seek to appease the lowest common denominator and maintain a certain standard, not sinking to the cheap, crude gags that most other films delight in.

Whats missing is a story with anything new. Or any sort of spark, which the first Dabangg possessed in spades. Salman struts his stuff. Sonakshi has a muted role, with her eyes downcast rather than smouldering . Prakash Raj rages, frets and fumes. Manoj Pahwa and other assorted policemen provide back-up to Salman, cleaning up when required, cheering him otherwise.

This one is a harmless film, nothing staying with you when you leave the hall, no ‘seeti-blowing’ moment, nothing, apart from the songs, which you will possibly hate. A lukewarm, timepass film which Just doesn’t raise a strong emotion either way.


hindi-sms said...

Does it matter? In Bollywood any film with a big star in it does well. It doesn't matter if the script and direction is utterly pathetic. Just put in a big actor and a big actress, love story, masala songs and few fight scenes with a happy ending and there you have it, a no brainer Bollywood hit movie. It may be hurting to a lot of people but the truth is sometimes I feel people in India have no brains or taste in films. Even a movie as useless as bodyguard was a hit. So if really doesn't matter to me. The last movie I enjoyed was gangs of wasseypur.

kannada sms said...

Boycott Salman Khan from bollywood!! He always do Bakhwas movies like Dabang,Ek Tha TIger and wanted!! We want good movies not collection oriented movies!! Aamir Khan is much better Khan in all khan's.SRK and Saif also try new things!!

malayalam sms said...

I don't understand whats new in these kind of film no sensitive issue and same stereotyped story, punchline, item song. Film like Barfi, Kahani, Vicky donor n any issue based film representing society did not create such type of hype and collection. Audience change mindset of masala movie.

Unknown said...

Hello I have heard that this is a super hit movie and has got a very good opening in India. I will be watching this movies tomorrow..


ABTC said...

nice movie

SAM's CORNER said...

salman is one of the stars of bollywood .. and he ensures he connects to the masses .. he is fascination of lacks of indians as their bhaijaan ...

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