Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 8th March, 2013
Time : 145 minutes
Director & Writer : Tigmanshu Dhulia; Co-Writer : Kamal Pandey; Music : Sandeep Chowta
Starring : Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan, Raj Babbar, Mahie Gill, Soha Ali Khan, Pravesh Rana, Deepraj Rana

Disclaimer : For various inexplicable reasons, haven't seen the earlier film, despite possessing the dvd.

Liked the dialogue, the pace of the film, the way the characters are etched (and remain consistent), the way the story unfolds, with the warring factions unleashing their moves as in a game of chess. Just wish that it was about something more interesting than politics, power.

Jimmy Shergill is a cripple, an erstwhile king, who has lost none of his arrogance or regal behavior. Who wields considerable influence in local politics. And is opposed to the planned split of the state into four smaller ones.

He is married to Mahie Gill. Who is one unhappy soul. Looking for love. Finding solace in a bottle. And the arms of other men. Is also the current MLA of the region, due to Jimmy’s physical incapacity.

Raj Babbar is another erstwhile king. Not happy to be playing second fiddle to Jimmy. Favours the splitting of the state. Father of Soha. Who Jimmy desires as a second wife. Raj is firmly opposed to the idea. But any move he makes to break free, is ruthlessly crushed. Which makes him seek Irrfan’s help.

Irrfan is a local toughie. Hailing from royalty as well. Until Jimmy’s ancestors had killed his and bundled them out. Even though the feud has been dormant for a while, Irrfan is compelled to seek revenge. And also finds solace in the arms of Soha.

Soha is an unwilling pawn in all of this. She enjoys being with Irrfan. Doesn’t seem to have any major ambitions of her own. But finds herself in the thick of the battle that ensues. And finds her loyalty, her feelings change over time.

The bombastic dialogue (Mard gaaliyan kyun dete hain ? Kyunke woh roya nahin karte) makes up for the gunfire and bloodshed that routinely punctuates the story. The characters and performances overcome the plot loopholes and breathe life into the film. Its pacy enough, endowed with sufficient twists and turns, to make it an interesting watch. Just wish it was about something else. I find politics a bit dreary now.


Shayari SMS said...

am just from the movie. nice movie!..entertaining and good humour indeed. worth to spend time on it. a light hearted movie. the movie seems small budget and objectives achieved by the producers.

onlineutube said...

i think some bloopers are there

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IFI said...

I watch this movie and this is a good sequel of its first part. After a long time there is a good sequel of any movie. Thanks for giving your valuable reviews.