Sunday, July 21, 2013


Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 19th July, 2013
Time : 96 minutes
Director, Co-Writer : David Soren; Co-Writers : Darren Lemke, Richard D Siegel; Music : Henry Jackman
Starring : voices of : Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson, Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Luiz Guzman, Bill Hader, Snoop Dogg, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong

You will enjoy this film the most if, like me, you go in with as little a clue of what its about as possible. Everything is then a delightful surprise and despite a very straight-forward, linear story, the sheer novelty keeps you going

Its about snails. And one really fast one. And fast cars. And the world’s fastest driver, the affable, very French, Guy Gagne. And a taco shop. And two sets of brother’s, where one is a daredevil dreamer and the other a dull pragmatist, tired of saving his sibling’s ass.

The lives of snails are shown in such loving detail, its funny…and that is what drives the film, rather than the main story, which is cliché ridden and seen a thousand times before

Turbo’s attempts to make the over-ripe tomatoes not splotch on him
The battle with the evil lawn-mower
The play-safe clan in the garden
The undisguised contempt with which ‘garden snail’ is said by their city slicker brethren
And best of all…
“White Shadow”…said in a reverential whisper, along with a slide backwards…

The humans are tame in comparison but then its difficult to compete against such marvelous molluscs.

It’s a fun, enjoyable film with the usual fortune cookie type central message – no dream is impossible – mashed up with a good, classic-filled soundtrack and some very, very cool snails…worth taking the kids to this one…

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