Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hasee Toh Phasee

Rating : 2/10
Release Date : 7th February, 2014
Time : 141 minutes
Director : Vinil Mathews; Writer : Harshavardhan Kulkarni; Music : Vishal Shekhar
Starring : Sidharth Malhotra, Parineeti Chopra, Adah Sharma, Manoj Joshi, Anil Mange, Sharat Saxena

This has got to be the worst, most confused, convoluted, stretched, cringe-worthy film to come out of Dharma Productions. Sidharth Malhotra performs well. There are about 3-4 moments / situations which are memorable. Other than that, including the set-piece, unwanted formulaic noise that passes for songs, it’s a disaster all the way through. Even the title is misleading and has nothing to do with the film.

Sidharth Malhotra, after abetting Parineeti’s escape from her household, falls for Adah. Goes around with her for seven years. And is now poised to get married to her. Except she keeps threatening to break-up. Almost ritualistically, every month. Because, fundamentally, despite being good hearted, he is good for nothing…has never made money or done well for himself. And now, Adah has dug her heels in – either he gets the funding for an IPL contract. Or she walks. Into this mix, re-enters Parineeti.

And proceeds to behave very, very strangely. A very weird, implausible story is revealed drip by ridiculous drop. She takes pills all the time, eats like its going out of fashion, drinks lots of water, steals toothpaste, swallows sugar sachets by the dozen. Despite it being his wedding, with a house full of guests, Sidharth is able to spend a lot of time with her, goofing around, gallivanting etc

‘Minor’ things like stealing from parents, sending the father to the ICU with a heart attack are given a sweet, saccharine glow. The characters show no remorse. Behave in ways no other person is known to have – revealing more would unfortunately reveal plot points so will seethingly stay silent.

The best part of the movie was watching Sidharth, who looks and acts much better than in his debut film, Manoj Joshi, who played his to-be father-in-law, with a great deal of zen and pragmatism, and Anil Mange, who in a supporting role as one of Sidharth’s relatives, was hilarious with his small-town, aspiring Indian Idol act. Adah looks pretty. Ish. And that is pretty much that.

With an item number to begin the movie, another in the end, a shaadi song in the middle and a ‘dard-bhara’ geet in the middle, you know you are in for something completely formulaic, more marketing / packaging than actual content. There were several interesting threads that could’ve been explored, a film made on either a mad scientist angle, or of two good for nothings coming together or of a girl who constantly steals from her parents…all ideas that merit exploring…pity they chose to mix it all up, keep it as soul-less as possible and delivered this unpalatable mish-mash !


Sudheer Yadav said...

Super aryicle i love and I love this blog too

Shantanu said...

I used to follow your blog religiously. Am disappointed that Gunday is rated Higher than this movie. Well seems like the ratings here as well are not true.