Friday, August 22, 2014

Expendables 3

Rating : 5/10
Release Date : 22nd August, 2014
Time : 126 minutes
Director: Patrick Hughes; Writers : Sylvester Stallone, Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt; Music : Brian Tyler
Starring : Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lungdren, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Glen Powell, Victor Ortiz, Ronda Rousey, Kellan Lutz, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarznegger

The storyline, for whatever its worth, is childishly simple. Mel Gibson is the bad guy. Everyone else mentioned above are the good guys chasing him. So we have a two hour brawn-fest where people are killed, heavy artillery brought up, bombs dropped & thrown, cars & other larger vehicles blown up (Rohit Shetty, eat your heart out) and big buildings get demolished.

The climax is in fact so ludicrous, implausible that the good guys might as well be holding a placard which says ‘We’re the heroes, we cant be shot, hurt or scratched’

There are a few funny moments. And its nice, nostalgic to see the great action heroes of the past keep popping up, interacting with each other. Some of the action sequences are good. But overall, the film wears thin after a while, tries to take itself too seriously for something which is a tongue in cheek romp. You do wonder why some guys like Dolph, Antonio took the roles offered to them – they were major stars in their own right and their characters here aren’t very flattering. The moments spent trying to make us care, add an emotional quotient, don’t really work due to the wafer thin storyline.

This is almost like a video game in terms of the way people get killed, things get blown up. Only for Die Hard action fans, pun intended…

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