Friday, November 14, 2014

John Wick

Rating : 4/10
Release Date : 14th November, 2014
Time : 101 minutes
Director: Chad Tahelski; Writer : Derek Kolstad; Music : Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard
Starring : Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Dean Winters, Adrianne Palicko, Willem Dafoe, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo, Bridget Moynahan

Vengeance. Against the mob. Albanians / Russians. For stealing his car and killing his dog. Keanu Reaves is John Wick. He used to be their enforcer, laying a trail of bodies at their command. But then got out, amicably, with the boss, Michael Nyqvist’s permission. To be with his wife. Who died of a disease a few days back. And then, the mob boss’ son, Alfie Allen (of Game Of Throne’s fame) took a fancy to his car.

There was nothing new in terms of story or action to really keep you interested. The essential strategy was to walk in and shoot, knife, fight, kill. Got monotonous after a while, especially as we weren’t really emotionally invested in the characters. Keanu has essentially one expression through the film and the bearded look didn’t help enhance his boyish charm. The music was good, rock & trance accentuating the violent bits.

The one new idea was that of a Hotel C, a kind of mob / contract killers hangout. With strict rules about not doing business on the premises. Where everyone knows everyone. And no one has forgotten Keanu, even though he’s returning after five years.

Watch if you enjoy the sight of random blood being spilt. Avoid if you’re looking for something to accompany the red body fluid. Like a story. Or anything else.

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