Friday, July 03, 2015

Terminator Genisys

Rating : 7/10
Release Date : 3rd July, 2015
Time : 127 minutes
Director: Alan Taylor; Writer s: Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier based on the characters create by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd; Music : Lorna Balfe with Hans Zimmer as Executive Music Producer
Starring : Arnold Schwarznegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, JK Simmons, Byung-hun Lee

PS : Neither the film nor the review will make complete sense if you’ve been hiding under a rock, watching civilization pass you by and have never seen a Terminator film so far

“Old…but not obsolete” Arnold Schwarznegger is back…in the role that made him a superstar.

Two other actors I really like – the expressive Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi / Mother of the Dragons in Game of Thrones, and the jaunty Jai Courtney (from Jack Reacher) – join forces, as the younger Sarah Connors / Kyle Reese, to travel back and forth in time and prevent Skynet from ever taking over.

Jason Clarke (as John Connor), shortly after leading his troops to victory over the machines, somewhere in the future, realizes that they had sent a robot back to 1984 to kill his mother. To protect her, in a phase where he felt she would be at her most vulnerable, he sends his most trusted lieutenant, Jai (Kyle Reese) to do the job. But Jai, when he arrives, and meets Emilia (Sarah), finds things are anything but as predicted… with various killer robot models criss-crossing back and forth in time – Arnold Schwarznegger, Byung-Hun Lee, to name just two – you’re never sure who is really what they claim to be…

Arnold is a treat to watch – they tackle his ageing in a most delightful way – and his interactions with Emilia and Jai are well-written, especially a fake, polite smile he puts on, in an effort to blend in. Emilia and Jai are both excellent in their roles, bringing one half vulnerability, one half spunk to their characters. Jason Clarke is very good too, as is JK Simmons (the cop, finally seeking some answers), and Byung-hun (quietly menacing).

There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo about Quantum Mechanics, memory from two alternate lives, Magnetism. The logic behind a lot of events is highly questionable- and I’m being polite here – but we’re given a good, fun joyride – great repartee, engaging characters, scintillating special effects, a great (familiar) soundtrack and awesome action sequences – all of which ensures we walk out in a great frame of mind...

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