Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spiderman 3

I think this is one sequel too many and wish they had not made it all. It probes no new territory in terms of the personal life of Peter Parker (he has the same personal dilemma’s as in 2 – can he have a sustaining relationship with MJ / can he and Harry be friends). And there is nothing special in terms of the villains on offer, in fact there are too many of them and that is one of the key contributors towards its bloated 150 minute length.

There are one or two great humorous sequences – the one that sticks out involves the editor of the Daily Bugle, his secretary and some pills. However, there is not enough in the movie to keep the interest sustained – its too gory / introspective in parts to keep the kids involved and not deep enough (a la ‘Batman Begins’) to interest the adults.

I wish they had stopped at 2.


KG said...

Well well well....Not a great review of the movie according to me.......I saw the movie today and enjoyed every minute of it and forget me i had 11 friends with me who equally enjoyed the movie and the movie actually teaches you a lot....and it was better than the two earlier versions......An absolutely awesome movie and a must see according to me.....Don't agree with you Mr. Nagpal....I Loved it.

KG said...

Looking forward for more sequels.......with newer villians and now without it will be more interesting...:)

Anonymous said...

Toooooo gd damn emotional!! .....everybody cries in some part or the other....matlab karan johar could have directed the movie. Melodrama in a hard core action flick, come on....u r SPIDERMAN.....get over it buddy...thats it!!
Aunt crying, babe (with a hairy arm) crying, harry crying, villan crying, I too was crying....My 200 bucks!!!!!
Hw never felt the Superhero, unlike superman or batman, which make u wanna wish i could do that!!
As my friend rightly pointed out....."The sentimental drivel has touched the predictability of a bollywood movie, Boo Hoo!!

Prashant Misra said...

I made the mistake of disregarding Apurv's review of Spiderman III and went and saw it yesterday out of boredom.

Forgive me father for I have sinned...

It is such a childish movie. I haven’t seen 1&2 and am I glad. Why did they pick on a cast of amateurs who don’t even look good. I mean, how about Angelina Jolie for M J. I am sure even Sandman would have jumped to save her.

Some things defy logic, not that spidey's are known for their strengths in this field. To begin with:
1. Something that survived the heat of crashing through the entire atmospheric layer in a meteor died of a small bomb.
2. Why was the Sandman trying to kill spidey at the end when he could be saving his daughter? For that matter why was he trying to steal from bank vans, when he could have easily threatened a hospital to take care of his daughter? :)
3. Why did MJ agree to break from spidey on Harry’s insistence? Didn’t she trust spidey to take care of Harry?

I think it was hilarious, spidey made friends with two of the three villains and the third one committed suicide by jumping into the bomb thrown by spidey. He really did not play any role in getting rid of any of them.

So what did spidey actually achieve? Let’s see:
1. He created villain 1 (New Goblin) by first beating the hell out of his father and being the cause of his death.
2. He created villain 2 (Sandman) by not letting him save his daughter, even in the end when he apologized, spidey did not as much as promise to take care of his ailing daughter.
3. He created villain 3 (Venom) by destroying his career and humiliating him publicly
4. He almost created villain 4 (MJ Women) by two timing (kissing someone else) and not being caring enough.

What I wanted to see in this movie:
1. More of Sandman. What a ‘blow job’ he was.
2. That girl next door as villain 4 “The Cookie Women”
3. MJ as villain 5 “The C Flat Women”
4. And may an appearance from Alfred Hitchcock as the “Psycho man”
5. Please add your own imaginative list of villains you would like to see in spidey 4

All in all, the movie had too much to handle, an overabundance of characters and terribly bad dialogues.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Prashant has gone way too much in details...just like 2 tell u that these movies r not made for people who don't give reviews keeping all the people..the their minds....Pathetic review!!

Prashant Misra said...

I think the purpose of this blog is to review movies not get personal. If you have a better review why don't you post it?

As for me, Apurv will vouch for it, I care two hoots about 'all the people and all the masses'. It is purely my feelings about the movie.

Unknown said...

I saw this with Zero.Zero expectation and was pleasantly surprised - good time pass movie - sandman "birth" graphics were amazing - other graphics were hit and miss with something wrong in the timing of the background and the main figures.

Worth a watch

Rohit Deep said...

Finally saw the movie. Didn't want to waste precious screen time so was waiting for the DVD to come out.

Had to watch the movie since I liked the first 2 a lot. After this movie it is going to be really hard to watch Toby Maguire after this movie.

I have no clue why this movie was made. Hollywood movies are becoming Bollywood movies :). Too much emotion man. We need movies for men. Wonder what happened to the franchise. Spiderman 1 was so much better than 3 (it was still emotional).

Karan (the guy who left the comment for this review) is probably pissed that his money was wasted.