Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Rating : 8/10
Release Date : 30th March, 2012 (USA)
Time : 106 minutes
Director : Tarsem Singh Dhandhwar; Writer : Jason Keller, Melisa Wallack,; Music : Alan Menken
Starring : Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Nathan Lane, Armie Hammer

There is something magical about transforming an old story, giving its characters a makeover and infusing new life to a tale possibly out of touch with the times.
The writer director team of Jason /Melisa & Tarsem do just that here. Giving Julia, the stepmom / Queen, a wicked sense of humour, Armie, the Prince, some meat to his role and giving Lily, and Snow some much needed spunk.
There are enough weaves and wefts in the otherwise familiar fabric to keep you interested. The dwarves, the townsfolk, the woods and even the Mirror getting a new avatar.

Tarsem, of course, as in all his previous films, imparts a glorious visual delight – the castle, the parties, the costumes, the Queen’s secret lair all are simply stunning and awe-inspiring ! And his Indian touch does come through in at least a couple of occasions
There are a lot of things unexplained. A lot of things which don’t entirely make sense. Wrong potions, magic getting used up, necklaces, spells, etc. At times like these, its best to remember, that this tale after all, is a fairy story and the ending song, helps do that with effortless ease….

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