Thursday, August 15, 2013

Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbaai Dobara

Rating : 3/10
Release Date : 15th August, 2013
Time : 160 minutes
Director : Milan Luthria; Writer : Rajat Aroraa; Music : Pritam, Anupam Amod
Starring : Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan, Sonali Bendre, Mahesh Manjrekar

Or Alternatively Titled

Gangster ban gaya Champu


How Weird Spellings Don't Change the Fate of a Bad Film


In Which Nothing Much Happens


Kahaani Kahan ?


The Case of the Bombastic Dialogue Overdose


Majnu vs Ranjha


Sirf Romaance. Dobara. Phir Dobara. Aur Dobara. Phir Se Dobara. Dobara Dobara…

Immediately after sorting the cast in this one, they probably hired a very good dialogue writer. But forgot to develop the story. So throughout the film, there is dialogue after dhansu dialogue….but rapidly, since there is really no context to it, it begins to fizzle and ends up boring the living daylights out of you

Akshay is Don. Who is on a major self-praise trip. About how powerful he is. Also Brainy. Intelligent. Villainous. Though we never really see much of what makes him all of that, just repeated references by himself. And a few instances of that display of the power, people paying obeisance etc. He uses and abuses women. Till he meets Sonakshi. He also drags a promising young kid, Imran, off the streets and includes him in his gang, kind of brings him up. And the kid falls in love with the same woman. That’s what the whole movie is about…

Very incidental, and almost comical are the scenes involving attacks on Akshay by a rival leader, Mahesh Manjrekar. And also the cops in Mumbai. Who one minute force him into elaborate disguises, trickery etc when he wants to meet his old flame, Sonali Bendre (small but dignified cameo). But in the next frame, he is strutting around at a televised film awards show, having drinks, mingling with guests while assorted journos float around etc. Its that kind of film…

Whats most galling are the flimsy characters created. You feel no sympathy for Akshay. Who apart from looking good in some very expensive threads, does little to make us like him. Or Imran, who seems like a total misfit in the whole film – can understand why he was cast but it doesn’t work. There is something about Imran’s demeanour which makes everything he says / the way he moves more cityslicker than tapori. One of the characters at the end even tells him ‘tu abhi bachcha hai’, which doesn’t bode that well for a guy who is supposedly a criminal and is being touted as Akshay’s Vazir ? Sonakshi does reasonably well (till the climax) with her innocent looks, cleavage etc but again you don’t quite understand her motives either. The climax is laughable, downright ridiculous.

There are a couple of nice songs (found Taiyyab Ali quite awful, not a patch on the old one from Amar Akbar Anthony) but again they just overdid the whole soulful sufi, romantic looks, dream sequences, lustful longing. There are some funny moments – Akshay has most of the clever dialogue (to tera plan use kishton mein maarne ka hai ?) but the whole story, barely enough for a thirty minute feature, simply bores you. Aygain. And Aygain. And Aygain…


Jagriti Rumi said...

''Aygain'' Ha Ha Ha!!
Please mail this review to Ekta. this the right spelling of her name?

Anonymous said...

Voila ! Protean blogger...u must love matching wits against people who r living on d cutting edge of danger.. Whatever u have in mind must b guarded like Fort Knox. Neat, crisp, iconoclast..wonder what lay beneath d charming,sophisticated veneer. It is amazing all that brilliance in one so young. They don't make 'em like this anymore.. Au revoir...

Anonymous said...

U wasted 160 min..on such a day.... do u watch all crap movies too celebrating d spirit of freedom sipping Martini Rose Sparkling Wine...titillating my taste buds ( please don't print this...l don't want to b in d limelight)...

Apurv Nagpal said...

Dear Martini Rose Sparkling, you're posting as Anonymous, so no one (incl me) knows who you are - which is why I published your comment...Thanks !

Anonymous said...

As u get older, u get bolder..there wud b people determined to break through yr mysterious reserve & find out who u really r... methinks replying is a stress buster & an outlet for me.... Well said, how wud u know Who Am I ? Hic.hic....cheers to d spirit of Independence!! Hangover part 4 in d making;) This is off track..when I was appearing for my 1st board exams WHAM..George Michael was a rage. Yesterday, heard his Freedom on FM, after a long time. It was only after years that I came to know that he is gay:( BTW these Liberty, Equality, Justice, Freedom r just heavy words....a myth...different rules apply to people in power n politics in our country...there is no end to grabbing mafia, sand scam, our states r being multiplied & it's people divided. Fickle finger of fate is taking it to a point of no return.. U gotto fight or hit d fence...If only..d optimism & promises of a rosy tomorrow... After yr next blog will get back to u... ASAP. Anon a.k.a. M.R.S. Wine