Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crimson Peak

Rating : 2/10
Release Date : 16th October, 2015
Time : 119 minutes
Director, Writer : Guillermo Del Toro; Co-Writer : Matthew Robbins; Music : Fernando Velazquez;
Starring : Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, Jim Beaver

The biggest mystery in this slasher / horror / thriller is why Tom Hiddleston took up his role ? Could he have been any more wimpier ? And overall, apart from a few cheap thrill, scary moments, could the film have been any more predictable ?

Mia is a strong-willed, feisty character, brought up by her doting, rich father (Jim) after her mother died when she was young. She has written a ghost story, partly because of the fact that she can occasionally see her mother’s ghost (quite scary, and absolutely non-maternal in behavior) ever since the night she passed away. However big publishers are encouraging her to trash her book and instead write romantic novels instead. While her mom’s ghost keeps warning her to stay away from Crimson Peak.

The return of her childhood friend, a doctor (Charlie), to set up practice coincides with the visit of a British Baronet, Tom Hiddleston and his sister, Jessica. And then things get interesting. Or do they ?

The fact that you can guess every little story twist, along with even the way the ghosts make their entrance doesn’t help the movie. The overall depressing atmosphere, the sordid going-ons, the rather black and white characters and the gore (sickening, unnecessary stuff) – nothing helps the movie. And you’re really left wondering till the end why couldn’t the brother-sister duo simply move away ?

The film has only one possible, larger-purpose use. If you’re of the right age and a guy, and you take a girl / woman to this one, you’re almost guaranteed some cling time. Apart from that, found it to be a most frightening waste of time – and I lay the blame squarely on Tom’s doorstep – I simply wouldn’t have gone, if it weren’t for him…


Anonymous said...

Cling time in movie hall !!!! Aisaa bhi hota hai ??

Anonymous said...

Total waste of time. I wonder how many bottles of ketchup were wasted in the filming of this crappy movie!

Anonymous said...

We are nothing without our senses, they are our window onto the world... The sixth sense, a kind of animal instinct that 'sets up a prickling in the air'

Anonymous said...

For years, Hollywood has been trying to convince us that they're actually bona-fide leading men..

Anonymous said...

Suspenseful and more.. Infused with a musing melancholy, methinks, it's an exploration of the workings of memory, of the long shadows cast by small moments..

Anonymous said...

And of why it is so much easier to love others than to love oneself..