Friday, October 02, 2015

Singh is Bliing

Rating : 2/10
Release Date : 2nd October, 2015
Time : 139 minutes
Director, Writer : Prabhudheva; Co-writer : Shiraz Ahmad; Music : Various
Starring : Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Kay Kay Menon, Lara Dutta, Pradeep Rawat, Anil Mange, Arfi Lamba, Rati Agnihotri, Yograj Singh

The rating has three points for Amy Jackson, looking surprisingly good (almost unrecognizable after her last Hindi film outing, Ekk Deewana Tha) and amazingly slick in her action scenes…the rest is for everything else in the film, including Akshay, the story, jokes, songs etc.

In particular I would like to point out

Silly animal humour – this time a lion, horse, buffaloes, a camel etc are used to display bravery or other characteristics. Juvenile doesn’t even begin to describe it

Crass bathroom humour – a scene involving Prabhudheva and a kid is so crass and tasteless that it beggars belief

The songs are ill-timed, too many and tuneless besides also being desperately wannabe

Special mentions of Lara Dutta and Kay Kay Menon – whatever they got for playing their ridiculous roles, it wasn’t worth whatever they bought with it

The story – there is none, nothing that makes sense at least

Shamelessly manipulative – no opportunity is spared to showcase how Singh / Punjabi our hero, his family and his village is – the kada, the lassi, Golden Temple, the Khalsa symbol. Every stereotype is milked dry – the eating, the loud, garish colours, the love for sweet, the loud. They know their target audience and leave no stone unturned to appeal to them

Even Akshay is extremely unconvincing in this turkey – looking flat and out of sorts, without his trademark comic timing

I found Singh is Kinng barely tolerable but this one plumbs new depths. Is a groan fest from the start, with no redeeming aspects apart from it’s heroine !


Anonymous said...

Why do you do this to yourself...why not simply walk out ?

Anonymous said...

So He likes thrilling and visceral action films..

Anonymous said...

Spectacular action scenes by the leggy leading lady (3G's) leave him stunned and on a high..

Karan Gauba said...

Why do you have to watch a film from a genre that doesn't appeal to you? You will obviously end up giving such reviews and encourage people to not watch movies... Kisika loss kyu karana bhai???

Anonymous said...

Shall try to get some sleep now...

Apurv Nagpal said...

Karan - I try not to - Didn't watch Welcome Back - have to protect my own sanity too - watching too many of those will lead to making every other film Oscar-worthy
However, expected slightly better from Singh is Bliing and Prabhudheva
Having said that, every reviewer has their own peeves, foibles - if you're a hard core fan of the mindless entertainment genre which also parades by the names of paisa-vasool / timepass - my dislike of such films is well known and best not to read my reviews of those....